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Lawsuits Over Faulty Deck Resurfacing Products Sweep the Nation

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted January 24, 2018

Over the last few years, a group of manufacturers and retailers have been promoting certain premium deck resurfacing products. Unfortunately for consumers, these products have demonstrated widespread failure.

Here, we will review one class action lawsuit we are currently handling in civil court. Since these deck resurfacing products were—and are—produced in high volume, their defects have a negative impact on thousands, if not millions, of homeowners across the United States. Read the rest »

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Are All Hernia Meshes Bad for You?

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted January 24, 2018

Hernia mesh is here to stay.

A common treatment for hernias, the implantation of surgical mesh to “reinforce” the abdominal wall is growing in popularity. As a result, manufacturing mesh is a lucrative industry. Read the rest »

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Should I Be Concerned About My Metal Hip Replacement?

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted August 11, 2017

That depends on when your replacement was performed, as well as the exact materials used. Some metal hips do not show signs of other medical issues.

But if you have a metal-on-metal or MoM hip replacement, which was common in North Carolina in the last decade, you should be concerned. There are some potential complications and if you experience any of these issues, contact a doctor for additional attention. Read the rest »

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General Motors CEO admits fault and discusses dangerous product

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted August 19, 2016

It is rare that a large corporation, and especially its CEO, will admit liability and own up to mistakes. However, the CEO of General Motors recently did just that. North Carolina readers may be interested in learning about how the company did not appropriately identify an auto defect as a dangerous product. Now, the auto giant has admitted blame and is taking steps to protect consumers.

At the heart of the issue is a flawed ignition switch that has been linked to several deaths and injuries. If the impaired switches are accidentally bumped, it can result in the car losing power. When this happens, many safety systems within the vehicle are unable to function, such as air bags, power brakes and power steering. For reasons unknown and not explained, GM believed that the issues relating to this problem were actually a customer satisfaction problem and not a safety issue.

Read the rest »

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Self-driving cars could cause spate of dangerous product suits

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted July 7, 2016

With the increased successes of Google’s self-driving cars, more and more auto manufacturers are entering into the high-tech world of vehicles that can drive with less and less human intervention. While this is exciting new technology, debates have raged over whether this is a truly safe endeavor. With the recent death of a Tesla driver who was killed while his car was driving on Autopilot, many in North Carolina and around the country have joined in concern over what may be actually be a dangerous product.

In the first documented case of a fatality caused by a wreck while a car was in self-driving mode, a man who recently praised the technology perished. The car’s cameras were unable to distinguish between a brightly lit sky and the white side of a turning 18-wheeler. According to the driver of the semi, it appeared that the driver was watching a movie during the time of the crash, which was still playing after the man passed through the truck and crashed into a telephone pole just down the road. Tesla has since said that watching a movie on the touchscreen in the car is impossible.

Read the rest »

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Takata’s dangerous product: When will the bleeding stop?

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted June 8, 2016

For several months, auto manufacturers have been recalling vehicles outfitted with defective Takata-made airbags. This dangerous product has caused multiple injuries and fatalities when deployed in certain conditions, and there is now a massive recall in effect. Those in North Carolina may be interested in the details behind this unfolding story.

Read the rest »

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North Carolina drivers may be at risk from dangerous product

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted April 14, 2016

Cars on the road today have a host of devices that keep drivers safe in the event of an accident. Though many manufacturers are putting out vehicles with high-tech safety mechanisms such as early warning crash alerts and even some elements that actually stop a car automatically in the event of an impending wreck, the mainstay of vehicle safety devices for years has been airbags. However, a potentially fatal airbag flaw has actually turned this ultimate safety device into a dangerous product for drivers in North Carolina and around the country who drive vehicles with Takata airbags.

Read the rest »

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Bayer sued for misrepresenting defective drug

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted March 17, 2016

Although the Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs before releasing them to be marketed, thousands of people nationwide, including here in North Carolina, suffer adverse side effects every year. Manufacturers of drugs can be held accountable for injuries caused by an unreasonably dangerous or defective drug. A lawsuit was recently filed against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and several other defendants, alleging personal injuries caused by one of the company’s products.

Read the rest »

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Defective product can explode, dangerous for vehicle passengers

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted November 3, 2015

When a North Carolina consumer purchases a product and uses it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, he or she has a reasonable right to expect that it is safe to use. Some products, such as power tools, obviously have a certain amount of inherent risk during use. Even then, a consumer must be protected against design flaws or defects that can pose safety hazards. A vast recall in the United States of more than 19 million motor vehicles led to an international recall when a defective product within the vehicles was said to have the potential to explode, shooting fragments of metal at passengers.

Read the rest »

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Most North Carolina residents have taken potentially harmful drug

On behalf of Joel Rhine of Rhine Law Firm, P.C. posted October 22, 2015

McNeil Consumer Healthcare is currently facing lawsuits regarding one of the most well-known brands of pain relievers — Tylenol. Marketing suggests that the drug is not a harmful drug and that it is the drug most recommended by doctors. What consumers in North Carolina and elsewhere were not told, apparently, concerns potential health risks associated with high dosages.

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