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Boating Can Go Horribly Wrong with Alcohol

October 4, 2017
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

Boating accidents involve alcohol approximately 50% of the time. From the Cape Fear coast to Lake Norman, boats can be equally as dangerous as a car when being operated by a drunk driver. Those who operate a boat under the influence may be subjected to a federal-level offense. Convictions can result in criminal penalties as large as $5,000, along with a potentially lengthy period of incarceration.

The limit for legal boat operation is a blood alcohol level of .08%, which is consistent with state laws for roadway vehicle operation. Federal law may apply even if the waterway is a river within a state’s borders, based on circumstances. In addition, the driver in a boating accident may be held liable in civil actions for injuries caused. In this case, two people’s lives were permanently altered and they will likely be pursuing financial compensation.

2016 Boating Accident Data in North Carolina

  • State records show that there are 367,225 boats registered in North Carolina.
  • There were 147 accidents statewide in 2016 that involved boats.
  • There were 93 boats involved in non-fatal accidents.
    • A total of 76 injured needed medical assistance.
    • Alcohol had involvement in 15 of them.
  • There were 22 boats involved in fatal accidents.
    • Alcohol had involvement in 5 of them.

Aggressive Accident Injury Lawyers in Wilmington

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