Most North Carolina Residents Have Taken Potentially Harmful Drug

October 22, 2015
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare is currently facing lawsuits regarding one of the most well-known brands of pain relievers — Tylenol. Marketing suggests that the drug is not a harmful drug and that it is the drug most recommended by doctors. What consumers in North Carolina and elsewhere were not told, apparently, concerns potential health risks associated with high dosages.

Data from surveys McNeil conducted suggests doctors believe maximum recommended doses of acetaminophen pose risks of liver damage and death to consumers. Apparently, an internal company memo came with instructions to distribute the information only on a need-to-know basis. The memo suggested the company was aware doctors were frequently recommending doses much lower than the current maximum recommendations.

The memo also stated that many patients had ceased their intake of the drug due to safety concerns. These factors, the note said, had the potential to cause a loss of several million dollars in annual revenue. There are approximately 200 cases pending against McNeil in a Philadelphia federal court that include claims that the company knew the risks of taking Tylenol but failed to properly inform consumers.

A New Jersey Superior Court Judge recently denied a motion by McNeil to grant a verdict in the company’s favor in a case in which a woman claims Tylenol intake caused her to be hospitalized. He stated that he did not think the manufacturer of the potentially harmful drug has done enough to appropriately inform and warn consumers of the known risks associated with the use of the pain reliever. North Carolina residents who believe they have suffered injury or illness because of a harmful over-the-counter or prescription drug may want to consult a legal professional concerning filing a legal claim in a civil court.

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