Children Survive North Carolina Car Accident, Mother Dies

April 8, 2015
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

A tragedy occurred on a North Carolina highway on a recent Saturday night that involved two vehicles. State troopers who responded to the car accident have stated that they have not yet determined what specific charges will be filed in the case. Several people were injured in the crash and one woman, age 32, was killed.

Car accident between two cars seen in aerial view.

The woman was said to be headed south on a local roadway in Belmont, traveling with her three daughters as passengers. Reportedly, a car in the northbound lane veered across the center line and struck the young mother’s vehicle head-on. The driver of the car that struck the family’s vehicle was a 17-year-old male who later told authorities that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

The teenage driver was treated at an area hospital with minor injuries and released. Two of the young girls involved in the collision were also treated at a Gaston County hospital. Their sister was airlifted to another hospital in Charlotte. Sadly, the mother of the girls did not survive the crash.

Police have determined that the teen was not impaired in the moments leading up to the accident. In North Carolina cases similar to this one, where victims of minor ages are injured and the death of a parent occurs, the surviving parent or legal guardian of the children may file a lawsuit on their behalf, working with a car accident attorney. Doing so would allow those filing a claim to seek compensation for the damages children have suffered in the untimely death of their mother or father in a car accident caused by the negligence of another party. The ongoing difficulties and circumstances that children would most likely continue to face in the aftermath of such a tragedy can be offset, at least in part, when monetary compensation is awarded to help absorb financial difficulties that can result from the sudden death of a parent.

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