Parents Claim Medical Malpractice Caused Infant’s Brain Damage

April 22, 2015
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

North Carolina residents understand that some birth injuries are caused by negligent actions or a failure to act appropriately on the part of a doctor or other member of medical staff. In a recent case, parents blamed a doctor’s failure to offer a timely diagnosis for their infant’s brain damage. They filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to attempt to prove medical negligence on behalf of their child.

The case involved an incident that took place at the birth of the couple’s infant. The claimants assert that because medical personnel failed to diagnose their child’s jaundice in a timely fashion, the baby became afflicted with a condition known as “kernicterus,” which causes serious brain damage. Some symptoms of the condition are said to include low muscle tone in a newborn and a very high-pitched cry. Reportedly, it’s also difficult to wake the child when sleeping.

In typical cases, kernicterus leads to hearing loss and brain damage. In rare cases, the condition sometimes leads to death. It is considered common knowledge among medical professionals that prompt diagnosis of jaundice is the best way to avoid kernicterus. In the recent case, a jury verdict resulted in a monetary award of $6.25 million for the plaintiffs.

If a child of North Carolina parents has suffered an injury at birth or during other times of medical treatment, those parents have the right to pursue legal action against the party or parties they believe to have committed medical malpractice. A similar claim might allege negligence or error during ongoing medical treatment, labor, and delivery of a child or surgery. Those responsible for negligence or error that leads to injury, illness or death may be held financially responsible for damages incurred if the court rules in favor of the claimants.

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