Distracted Driving Is Dangerous, Victims Can Hold Drivers Liable

February 4, 2016
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

States are starting to crack down more and more on distracted driving. However, even with the laws in place, it remains a serious problem. More often than not, distracted driving car accidents in North Carolina and across the country result in very serious, life-altering injuries. In some instances, these crashes can kill.

transportation concept - man using phone while driving the car

The most common form of distracted driving with which individuals seem to be familiar is talking or texting and driving. The majority of the states have implemented specific laws that ban this from occurring, especially in school zones. This has helped, but it hasn’t remedied the issue completely.

In addition, there are numerous forms of distracted driving that can result in a serious or fatal car accident. It isn’t only limited to talking and texting while driving. It doesn’t even have to involve a cell phone. Some other examples of distracted driving include applying make-up, playing with a pet, looking at a map, eating, or talking to passengers. Any type of distraction that occurs inside the vehicle can significantly increase the chances of an accident occurring.

When a driver is distracted, his or her attention is not solely on the road, on his or her surroundings or on his or her actions, which can lead to a car accident. When this happens, it is possible to hold that driver liable for his or her negligent actions. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, the driver may face criminal consequences.

It is important for victims to know that the driver can be held civilly liable as well. When evidence, such as cell phone records, proves that the driver was indeed distracted at the time of the crash, the court may order the driver to pay any past and future medical expenses, cover lost wages and provide payment for emotional pain and suffering. To learn more about distracted driving and what can be done when you’ve been injured by a distracted driver, contact our North Carolina law firm and experienced distracted driving auto accident lawyers.

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