Bayer Sued for Misrepresenting Defective Drug

March 17, 2016
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

Although the Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs before releasing them to be marketed, thousands of people nationwide, including here in North Carolina, suffer adverse side effects every year. Manufacturers of drugs can be held accountable for injuries caused by an unreasonably dangerous or defective drug. A lawsuit was recently filed against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and several other defendants, alleging personal injuries caused by one of the company’s products.

A man in another state filed the lawsuit, alleging the defective design of Xarelto. The plaintiff also claims that the product was not adequately tested, nor does it carry warnings about its potential dangers. Further allegations state that the manufacturer misrepresented the quality, safety, and usefulness of the drug to medical providers, hospitals, doctors and the plaintiff.

According to court documents, the plaintiff claims to have suffered economic damages after suffering personal injuries that were caused by the dangerous drug. Furthermore, he claims that he will likely be suffering from ongoing emotional distress. This can be caused by the knowledge that his previous use of Xarelto can cause serious side effects in the future, such as life-threatening bleeding.

The plaintiff is seeking recovery of damages exceeding $50,000 along with legal fees and other compensation deemed appropriate by the court. While it is the right of any person to pursue financial relief after suffering the consequences of a dangerous or defective drug, proving negligence may be difficult. For this reason, many victims choose to retain the services of an experienced North Carolina product liability attorney to navigate the legal process for them in a North Carolina civil court.

Source:, “Texas man sues Janssen Research, Bayer over alleged faulty drug“, Molly English-Bowers, March 10, 2016
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