Need HOA Representation in North Carolina?

September 24, 2017
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

Rhine Law Firm, P.C., is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Barbour to our homeowners’ association representation team. Mr. Barbour will draw upon his experience assisting HOAs to navigate complicated issues including construction defect disputes and owner-developer disputes. As a general contractor and expert construction consultant in complex construction defect litigation, Mr. Barbour is a particularly valuable asset to condominium and townhouse communities when construction defects or repair and maintenance issues arise.

Our high level of experience and success in construction defect litigation allows us to provide seamless representation to HOAs should the need for litigation arise.

Homeowners’ associations and condominium associations (COA) owe a fiduciary duty to their members to competently and responsibly oversee the management of the community. This includes not only maintaining the development’s common areas but also their finances. Whether you’re responsible for one of these tasks or on the board of directors, Rhine Law Firm, P.C., can assist you.

Our attorneys will help you ensure that your association’s duties are being executed with the prudence and care required to keep your community running smoothly. There are a lot of important details outlined in the North Carolina Planned Community Act and the North Carolina Condominium Act, among other statutes, and we are familiar with them.

Our HOA-related legal services include:

  • Development of HOA board and meeting structure
  • Administration of board and community meetings
  • Drafting HOA governing documents including declarations, bylaws, covenants, and restrictions
  • Interpretation and enforcement of HOA rules, regulations, and covenants
  • Due collection and lien enforcement
  • Asset and risk management
  • Disputes with developers and/or contractors
  • Construction defect disputes

If you want to talk about HOA representation or need help in a construction-defect-related dispute, don’t hesitate to contact us at (910) 772-9960. We offer a free initial consultation and will be happy to give you guidance for taking the next step.

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