The Devastation of Hurricane Irma

September 23, 2017
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

The hurricane season is off to a fast start with Harvey and Irma. Now, Maria’s coming up.

To date, Harvey has killed 84 people. Irma has killed 34 people in Florida—and the number is expected to rise. Both have impacted millions of others on the East Coast and down South.

Damage Stretching From Miami to Jacksonville

Florida, the state most impacted, is starting to restore power. Florida Power & Light expects to have power restored to all regions by September 22. In the meantime, many residents are returning to their homes to begin the cleanup.

Water, electricity, medical, and mobile phone services are still poor in Monroe County; however, housing shelters, as well as food and water, are available. Residents of Miami Beach have begun to return. Ocean Drive needs considerable recovery work, as the streets are littered with trees, signs, and debris. The hurricane brought strong winds and extreme rainfall in the northern Jacksonville area too. It sent water racing through the streets at near-record levels, and roughly 350 people needed assistance to escape flooding.

Impact in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Cape Fear area experienced significant rain from the outer bands of Irma. There were a few reported problems across the region, most notably in Brunswick City. In other areas of the state, there were downed trees and power outages, yet the state did not see major hurricane-like damage. Governor Cooper explained that North Carolina was fortunate to not face the center of the storm. The state has been assisting evacuees from states to the south and has shelters open in Gaston, Guilford, Henderson, Johnston, and Mecklenburg counties.

Nothing Hits Like a Hurricane

The hurricane season typically begins in June and tapers off in late November, peaking in August through October. The North Carolina coast faces severe hurricane exposure as it largely extends outward, making it susceptible to being hit directly. In the past 20 years, hurricanes have done damage statewide through wind, floods, landslides, and more. These storms pose danger particularly to children, the elderly, and pets.

A host of residual problems may also exist, such as damage that can lead to deck collapses, the rapid growth of mold, and dangerous electrical problems.

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