What is Considered “Admitting Fault” after a Car Wreck in North Carolina?

June 8, 2023
By admin

Admitting fault after a car wreck in North Carolina includes any statements you make that indicate you may be partially to blame. It’s best not to say anything regarding liability or fault to the police, the insurance adjuster, or someone at the accident scene. Until there is an investigation, it’s difficult to know who or what is responsible. Moreover, statements like that frequently have serious repercussions. It could jeopardize your financial recovery from the car accident and increase your insurance premiums.

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How to Avoid Undermining Your Claim

Here are some basic strategies to avoid undermining your claim:

  • Do not offer polite apologies at the accident scene. When people experience traumatic events, they may feel it’s reasonable to apologize or admit fault. While expressing empathy for injuries or property damage is acceptable, do not apologize or disclose possible traffic violations.
  • Tell the police the truth, but only provide objective details, and communicate what happened in as few words as possible.
  • Hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. It’s important to remember that you do not know what the other driver did in the moments leading up to the crash. Nor do you know all the other factors that may be in play. The right attorney will be able to investigate the accident thoroughly. In the meantime, do not make the case for the other driver.
  • Do not discuss the crash on social media. Make sure that you  and members of your family do not post pictures, videos, or updates about the accident, your injuries, or pending car accident claims on social media. One seemingly innocent post can significantly undermine the value of your claim. Ask that your friends also refrain from talking about the crash on social media.

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