Takata’s Dangerous Product: When Will the Bleeding Stop?

June 8, 2016
By Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

For several months, auto manufacturers have been recalling vehicles outfitted with defective Takata-made airbags. This dangerous product has caused multiple injuries and fatalities when deployed in certain conditions, and there is now a massive recall in effect. Those in North Carolina may be interested in the details behind this unfolding story.

A few weeks ago, eight car makers in the auto industry recalled 12 million vehicles that were manufactured with potentially hazardous airbags. This announcement was only the first of a multi-phased recall that will eventually include almost 70 million vehicles on the roads today. In total, 17 auto manufacturers are affected by this national recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began to recall cars equipped with these defective airbags months ago, but additional information has required that the NHTSA expand the recalls and also prioritize them based on certain factors. Investigators have discovered that there are certain conditions that cause airbag defects to manifest, such as exposure to moisture and age. Due to these factors, the recall has begun in increased earnest with the vehicles that fall in this category.

Car owners in North Carolina may want to check on the internet in order to determine if their car is eligible for repairs or a free airbag replacement under this important recall. In the disastrous event that someone is injured due to this dangerous product, it may be beneficial to contact an attorney who focuses on personal injury and product liability litigation. An attorney in this area of law can best outline the legal steps a person or family can take in the event of an injury.

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