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  • Marriott Vacation Club Class Action $13.3 MillionWe have recovered a $13.3 million settlement for Deceptive Trade Practices at Marriott Vacation Club.
  • Parasailing Accident $9 MillionWe have recovered a $9 million settlement for a wrongful death judgment in North Carolina State Court.
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Did a Loose Trailer Cause Your Injuries?

Runaway trailer crashes can be catastrophic, causing serious injuries to anyone in their path. These wrecks occur when a semi-truck’s trailer travels at a different speed, or becomes detached from the cab portion of the truck. The trailer hurtles along a road, uncontrolled, often at high speeds. Eventually it will come to a stop, but it may leave a wake of destruction before that happens.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured by a runaway trailer in the Eastern NC area, call the Rhine Law Firm, P.C., right away. We see many accidents up and down the 95, from SC into NC, and these tucking companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying compensation to accident victims. We know how to fight back.

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Causes of Runaway Trailer Accidents

Truckers must reasonably make a number of considerations while driving, including the types of cargo they carry. Different cargo will have different weights, and the speed of the truck will have to be adjusted according to that weight. When a driver speeds, as is often the case to make deadlines, this can cause the trailer to gain momentum. If the truck stops suddenly, it can result in a runaway trailer accident.

Steep declines can also cause runaway trailer accidents, because truck drivers often have difficulty controlling their brakes. When a steep decline has caused a runaway crash, the scene has to be investigated to determine whether the truck driver was negligent, the road was poorly designed, or a defect in the truck caused the detachment.

Jackknife accidents can also cause a trailer to become detached from a cab. Jackknifes are typically caused by sudden stops or tight turns. In these accidents, the trailer will swing out, perpendicular to the cab, and sometimes, it can detach on its own.

Defective brakes, or brake failure, are another cause of runaway trailer accidents. Both the tractor and the trailer have their own braking systems, but they still have to work in conjunction with each other. When they fail to do so, it can easily cause an accident.

Finally, overloaded trailers are another cause of runaway trailer accidents. This happens because the person loading the trailer placed too much cargo onto the truck or did not secure it properly. When the load shifts, it can snap the hitch between tractor and trailer, severing the trailer from the control of the cab.

Liability in a Runaway Trailer Accident

Determining liability in a runaway trailer crash can be extremely difficult. The trucker may have been negligent; for example, if he was speeding just before the trailer detached. In other instances, other parties may be liable. For example, an inspector could be held liable if he was aware the trailer was overweight and did not prevent the truck from going back on the road. The company or person who loaded the truck could also be held responsible for placing too much cargo onto it. Manufacturers can also be held liable if any part of the truck was defective and caused the runaway trailer.

These cases are complicated, and require a great deal of technical knowledge to investigate. Often times, our law firm calls in expert witnesses, accident scene investigators, and engineers to determine fault and get justice for our clients.

Speak to a Truck Accident Lawyer Who Can Help

Runaway trailers can cause catastrophic injuries to anyone who meets them on the road. These injuries can affect a person’s quality of life and leave them dealing with the consequences for months and years to come.

If you have been involved in a runaway trailer accident in Eastern North Carolina, contact the experienced trial attorneys at the Rhine Law Firm, P.C., at (910) 772-9960.

We will work hard to determine who was responsible for the crash so we can file a lawsuit and obtain the compensation you need. Call us today so we can begin reviewing your case.

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