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Railroad blames North Carolina truck accident on trucking company

In March 2015, a commercial vehicle and a train collided on the tracks in North Carolina. Dozens of people were injured in the train vs. truck accident. An investigation has been ongoing in the case, and accident reconstruction investigators are reportedly preparing to issue their final report on the crash.

Authorities say that they will review the results of the accident reconstruction report before determining what charges will be filed in the case. More than $2 million in damages to the train were reported in the aftermath of the collision. The truck was allegedly on the tracks and attempting to make a left-hand turn when the approaching train and the truck collided.

Could Wearable Ransomware be Locking Down Your Life?

It appears as though everything that was predicted about the Internet of things or simply IoT, is coming to pass. Soon, nearly any device will be able to be networked, making it easy for organizations to collect and collate data across millions of interconnected machines. However, every technology comes with risks, and the IoT-enabled gadgets have been the target of malware. According to Naked Security, past targets range from Bluetooth-enabled skateboards to Jeep Cherokees. It seems that now, the creators of malware have taken the game a notch higher, introducing ransomware-based attacks on wearable devices. Ransomware Threats Are Unsurprising A blog post published on Threatpost on December 2014 made it clear that IoT-based ransomware was not totally unexpected. York University Polytechnic School of Engineering hacker-in-residence Dino Dai Zovi stated that we are going to witness more ransomware in the IoT.He and other experts were of the view that there is a real possibility of vehicle-based ransomware in the future, which, according to them, could mean that cars are locked unless drivers agreed to pay in Bitcoin. Although as yet there is no vehicular lockdown that has happened, it was reported by CSO Online that researchers have today repackaged Android ransomware to function on Android Wear. Computer experts from Symantec, through using Android Simplocker malware, managed to infect a smartphone that was Android-based and the linked smartwatch. This rendered both devices useless, with files from SD card of the watch being encrypted. Put simply, the proof of concept worked similarly to typical ransomware but with possibly bigger reach. Just imagine what would happen if fridges demanded payments in Bitcoin to keep the food cold or smart TVs refusing to change channels. The good news though is that there haven't been reports in the Internet of Things in the wild. However, considering the tanker-sized network gaps in most rollouts of new devices, it is just a matter of time.
Breaking the Bank Can this sort of attack be defended? The simple answer is NO. Because wearables and phones are meant to sync seamlessly and smoothly, any updates (or malicious files) will be automatically pushed to both devices. This makes it nearly impossible to stop malware spread across a PAN (personal area network). There is however some good news: Kevin Savage, a Symantec researcher, believes that malware appear to rise and fall in 2-year cycles. It therefore means that a crypto ransomware growth may already be at or even close to peaking. It thus implies that soon, it could plateau before it enters a declining phase. Also, according to Engin Kirda, Security Intelligence and Cyber security contributor, ransomware could be easier to fight than previously imagined. For instance, Kirda found that a whopping 61 percent ransomware apps affected desktops only, with 35% actually deleted files and only 5% used encryption. Meanwhile, more deadly ransomware versions like Cryptowall and Cryptolocker leverage encryption algorithms that are built into Windows. This means that virus tools ought to be able to keep track of select behaviors such as access to encryption libraries.

Serious injury in an accident sometimes leads to litigation

Many would agree that suffering a burn injury is always painful and, at times, quite serious. Depending upon the circumstances of an accident and the severity of a burn, the experience can alter one's life forever, as well as necessitate ongoing, long-term assisted care in some cases. In some North Carolina cases, a serious injury caused by another person's negligence results in the injured person filing a legal claim in a civil court.

At Rhine Law Firm, P.C., attorneys are dedicated to helping clients and their families as they seek compensation for the financial and non-economic damages they have incurred due to an injury. We will focus on achieving the maximum amount of monetary relief available to you. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, electrical fire, industrial accident or explosion, our legal team will aggressively represent your case in court in seeking to hold all liable parties accountable for their negligence. 

Joel Rhine Appointed to the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee (PSC) for the Benicar Multi-District Litigation

Benicar was approved in 2002 for the use by patients with high blood pressure. In the first ten years it was on the market, it was estimated that almost 2 million patients in the United States had been prescribed Benicar. However, in 2012, a link was found between the use of Benicar and the development of sprue-like enteropathy and other serious gastrointestinal conditions.

Class action lawsuit filed for product liability

Consumers in North Carolina might wish to take note of a recent class action lawsuit filed against a major brand company. The product liability case involves a claim of false advertising. Those involved in the action say that the companies involved continued to sell the product in question even though they knew it would not perform as advertised.

Nike is the company who manufactured the FuelBand, and those who purchased it between 2012 and 2015 are reportedly potentially eligible to receive a payment due to a settlement of the class action litigation. The terms of the settlement were agreed upon in June. Reportedly, Nike will pay $2.4 million to those who have added their names to the class.

Woman ejected from towed boat in North Carolina car accident

A double-tragedy took place recently in North Carolina. A car accident resulted in the loss of one life. In the aftermath of that accident, another death occurred.

The first incident happened on a recent Tuesday when a pickup truck towing a ski boat was traveling through a local golf community. The pickup was being driven by a 29-year-old male. Apparently, the ski boat he was towing was also carrying several occupants at the time. 

North Carolina car accident remains under investigation

A tragic crash occurred on a recent Saturday in North Carolina. The car accident involved two vehicles. It resulted in the loss of one life and injuries to several others. The accident continues to be investigated by authorities.

A 31-year-old woman was traveling as a passenger in a westbound vehicle. For reasons that remain unknown, the car in which the woman was traveling veered into oncoming traffic. An approaching vehicle that was carrying three occupants apparently smashed into the vehicle that had gone out of its lane.

Couple claims medical malpractice after child birth

The parents of a boy who born in a hospital outside the United States claim that the negligence of its staff caused severe and permanent injury to their child. They have opened a federal case of medical malpractice against the hospital. Several years ago, the mother, who resides in a state outside North Carolina, entered the hospital at 36 weeks of pregnancy in order to have irregular contractions and abdominal pain evaluated by the doctors.

Reports indicate that the doctors who performed the examination in the Puerto Rican hospital informed the mother of bacteria in her urine but later released her. Two weeks later, the mother entered the emergency room for failure to feel fetal movements and was again discharged. Two days later, she was back in the hospital, and the doctor broke her water sac.

North Carolina car accident leaves family in mourning

A Wilmington highway became the scene of a recent tragedy in North Carolina. A young couple has been left in a state of shock and tremendous grief. The car accident resulted in charges being filed against the driver of a truck deemed to have been at fault in the tragic crash.

The husband of the young couple, a Christian pastor, was traveling in a car with his wife (eight months pregnant) and 2-year-old son. They were riding as part of a caravan when their vehicle was reportedly struck by a man driving a truck. The expectant mother was rushed to a nearby operating room for an emergency C-section in an attempt to save the infant she carried in her womb.

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