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North Carolina officer killed in truck accident, remembered

In Nov. 2014, a North Carolina police officer was killed while on duty. The Union County Sheriff stated that the truck accident death was the first time a deputy from his department had ever died on the job. The tragedy is said to have occurred on Highway 74 in Monroe.

The deceased officer was recently honored in a memorial service held at a church in New Bern. At the time of the accident, he was 54 years old. According to reports, a tractor-trailer flipped over and landed on top of the officer's squad car, resulting in his death.

Lack of driver training blamed in North Carolina lawsuit

In March 2015, a tragedy occurred in North Carolina that resulted in injuries to 55 passengers who were aboard a train when it collided with a semi truck. The tractor-trailer involved in the case was reportedly stopped on the railroad tracks, although signs were reportedly clearly posted prohibiting vehicles from stopping. The railroad company has claimed lack of driver training and negligence on the part of the trucking company in its recently filed case.

The tractor-trailer was said to have been carrying an over-sized load when it stopped on the railroad tracks in an attempt to make a left-hand turn. The plaintiff's claim states that the truck driver knew his vehicle was stopped on the tracks in violation of the visible signs that prohibited such an action, and, therefore, he should have promptly notified the railroad authorities in order to prevent a potential disaster. The complaint says that the driver and trucking company's failure to alert the railroad led to the derailment of the train when it came around a curve and collided with the truck.

Parents claim medical malpractice caused infant's brain damage

North Carolina residents understand that some birth injuries are caused by negligent actions or a failure to act appropriately on the part of a doctor or other member of medical staff. In a recent case, parents blamed a doctor's failure to offer a timely diagnosis for their infant's brain damage. They filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to attempt to prove medical negligence on behalf of their child.

The case involved an incident that took place at the birth of the couple's infant. The claimants assert that because medical personnel failed to diagnose their child's jaundice in a timely fashion, the baby became afflicted with a condition known as "kernicterus," which causes serious brain damage. Some symptoms of the condition are said to include low muscle tone in a newborn and a very high-pitched cry. Reportedly, it's also difficult to wake the child when sleeping.

Children survive North Carolina car accident, mother dies

A tragedy occurred on a North Carolina highway on a recent Saturday night that involved two vehicles. State troopers who responded to the car accident have stated that they have not yet determined what specific charges will be filed in the case. Several people were injured in the crash and one woman, age 32, was killed.

The woman was said to be headed south on a local roadway in Belmont, traveling with her three daughters as passengers. Reportedly, a car in the northbound lane veered across the center line and struck the young mother's vehicle head-on. The driver of the car that struck the family's vehicle was a 17-year-old male who later told authorities that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Life-changing injury can require specialized long-term care

When a person suffers a serious illness or injury, those who care for him or her in recovery can be deeply affected by the experience. A patient who has suffered a life-changing injury such as a serious burn is likely to require ongoing, long-term medical care. In some North Carolina medical facilities, as elsewhere in the nation, there are special burn units which are designed to provide the unique environment and specialized care that has been shown to improve a patient's prognosis.

One nurse, who works in a state northwest of North Carolina, recently recalled a time in the early days of her 40-year career when many burn patients did not survive their injuries. As technology and the science of specialized medical procedures advanced, changes were made which are said to have had a positive effect on patients, as well as the medical staff who care for them. One such change was the development of specialized burn units where patients are sometimes cared for on a long-term basis. According to the nurse, within weeks after the first burn units were opened, survival rates began to rise.  She stated that she has fond memories of a patient who suffered burns in a workplace accident who was one of the first to survive and go home.

Violation of safety regulations not apparent in truck accident

A series of train crashes have recently been reported across the nation. The third in two months occurred in early March in North Carolina. The tragedy involved a tractor-trailer, and, even with a video of the event, a violation of safety regulations is not apparent.

According to reports, a tractor-trailer driver was attempting a left-hand turn when his vehicle became lodged on the railroad tracks. A woman who was in her vehicle at a nearby stop sign witnessed the tragedy and captured it on a video camera. She stated that the truck driver had placed the truck in reverse multiple times while struggling to move the vehicle off the tracks. The woman described hearing the sound of the oncoming locomotive and seeing the semi-truck driver leap out of his vehicle when he realized that a crash was imminent.

Rhine Law Firm, P.C. Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Shorter University Over Alleged Data Breach

Rhine Law Firm, P.C. has filed a lawsuit on behalf of current and former Shorter University students in the wake of a data breach in which up to 900 individuals' medical files were allegedly stolen out of an unlocked room on campus.

North Carolina driver accused of running light in car accident

A state highway patrol unit responded to a two vehicle collision Friday afternoon. The North Carolina car accident is reported to have occurred at an intersection in Kings Mountain. Both vehicles slid over an embankment upon impact. Wreckage from the crash was strewn throughout the crossroads.

A trooper responded to the accident at approximately 1:30 p.m. The driver of a small truck is accused of running a red light. That apparently caused him to collide with a sport utility vehicle, sending both careening over a nearby embankment. The truck struck a pole, and the SUV came to a crashing halt 20 feet from it.

Charges brought re North Carolina motorcycle accident

Several charges have been filed against the driver of a truck in a recent collision which ended in tragedy on a Wednesday afternoon. The truck versus motorcycle accident took place on a North Carolina road in Raleigh, killing a 32-year-old woman. The truck driver, said to be 38 years old, is alleged to have caused the crash.

Investigators say that the trucker turned across the southbound lanes of the roadway. Apparently, he was trying to reach the entrance of a local flea market. The truck and motorcycle collided, and the motorcyclist died at the site of the accident.

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