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Hit-and-run car accident fatal for North Carolina pedestrian

Accidents involving a vehicle and a pedestrian often result in catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately, it is very easy for drivers to miss seeing someone walking along the side of the road or in a crosswalk until it is too late, and this can be especially true when it is dark outside.  A recent hit-and-run car accident that happened just before dawn claimed the life of a North Carolina man.

The accident happened on May 20 before 5 a.m. According to the victim's family, the 23-year-old victim was walking on Route 211 to his job at McDonald's when he was struck by a vehicle. Officers said that the victim was thrown into the fence in front of a local school upon impact.

Fleeing North Carolina driver causes fatal motorcycle accident

More often than not, a high-speed police chase ends disastrously. Drivers who are trying to escape serious traffic tickets or DUI arrests do not consider other drivers on the road, as they are only focused on getting away. Unfortunately, a recent police chase in North Carolina resulted in a tragic fatal motorcycle accident.

Police attempted to stop a late model car on U.S. Highway 74 for traveling at 79 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver did not stop and led police on a chase through the county. At approximately 7:15 a.m., the car's driver ran a red light on a local New Hanover County road and crashed into a motorcyclist. The motorcycle's rider was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Greenville holds event to stop teen distracted driving accidents

As school is about to end for summer break, it will usher in a busy time on America's roads and highways. This will cause a substantial swell in the number of people on the roads, which will increase congestion throughout the country. It is also the time of the year that many states commence road construction projects, resulting in traffic shifts that may take some by surprise. With the additional traffic volume and changes to familiar roads, the danger of accidents due to distracted driving will increase.

A crowd of over 90 attended the Teen Safe Drivers Summit in Greenville, which aimed to educate teens and their parents about safe driving. The Summit was created due to the fact that Pitt County is one of the top 10 counties in North Carolina for teenage fatal car wrecks. Participants were able to drive golf carts while wearing goggles that were modified to simulate the way their vision could be impacted due to alcohol or drug impairment. They were also able to experience a high-speed crash via a simulator provided by the highway patrol.

North Carolina drivers may be at risk from dangerous product

Cars on the road today have a host of devices that keep drivers safe in the event of an accident. Though many manufacturers are putting out vehicles with high-tech safety mechanisms such as early warning crash alerts and even some elements that actually stop a car automatically in the event of an impending wreck, the mainstay of vehicle safety devices for years has been airbags. However, a potentially fatal airbag flaw has actually turned this ultimate safety device into a dangerous product for drivers in North Carolina and around the country who drive vehicles with Takata airbags.

The most recent story is of a teenager in Texas who died as a result of these airbags when she was involved in an otherwise small and low-speed crash. The victim was driving on a highway outside of Houston at 4:30 p.m. when her vehicle crashed into the car in front of her. The car had only minimal damage, but the airbag ruptured and impaled her neck with a metal fragment. She tragically passed away at the scene, which raises the number of deaths attributed to these airbags to 11.

Fatal accident in North Carolina caused by reckless truck driver?

Large, commercial truck drivers have a particular responsibility to other vehicles on our roads, as their trucks weigh significantly more than others with which they share the road. When a reckless truck driver causes an accident, catastrophic damages can occur. A recent wreck in North Carolina claimed the life of a motorist, even after authorities were alerted to the truck operator's dangerous driving.

According to authorities, a dump truck that was hauling logs and towing a trailer was driving northbound on a road in Raleigh at 4:15 p.m. For an unknown reason, the driver did not stop and crashed into a minivan which subsequently rear-ended a tractor trailer in front of it. The minivan was crushed between the two large trucks. The driver of the minivan was killed in the crash.

Bayer sued for misrepresenting defective drug

Although the Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs before releasing them to be marketed, thousands of people nationwide, including here in North Carolina, suffer adverse side effects every year. Manufacturers of drugs can be held accountable for injuries caused by an unreasonably dangerous or defective drug. A lawsuit was recently filed against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and several other defendants, alleging personal injuries caused by one of the company's products.

A man in another state filed the lawsuit, alleging the defective design of Xarelto. The plaintiff also claims that the product was not adequately tested, nor does it carry warnings about its potential dangers. Further allegations state that the manufacturer misrepresented the quality, safety and usefulness of the drug to medical providers, hospitals, doctors and the plaintiff.

Car accident seriously injuries 4 bicyclists in North Carolina

According to North Carolina police, a collision between multiple bicycles and a vehicle happened during the mid-afternoon hours of a late-February Saturday. There were three men and one woman riding bicycles. According to one witness, they were all riding in a single file along the edge of the road. Suddenly, a 50-year-old female driver approached and struck them from behind. The witness says that he heard the impact of the car accident, turned around to look and saw one of the bicycles up in the air.

Although their injuries are non-life-threatening, they all sustained serious injuries after being tossed from their bicycles. At this time, two of the bicyclists are in the hospital and are said to be in critical condition. It is unclear whether the other two are still in the hospital receiving medical treatment or whether they have been released.

Rhine Law Firm: TurboTax Class Action Lawyers

As tax season approaches, millions of Americans are once again looking to tax preparation software and programs that make it as easy as possible to file their tax returns. While these popular programs are very efficient and effective tools when it comes to filing ones taxes, they do not come without their risks. Just last year, a class action lawsuit was filed against Intuit, the maker of the tax prep software TurboTax, after thousands of consumers reported having fraudulent tax returns filed in their names. The plaintiffs in the TurboTax class action lawsuit alleged that Intuit enabled fraudulent tax filings and identity theft because it failed to take necessary security precautions to protect consumers' private information. The complaint states that Intuit has a duty to protect sensitive customer data, even guaranteeing on its website that "all TurboTax platforms offer a secure, easy-to-use experience." However, Intuit failed in its duty to protect customers' information and should be held liable for any damages that resulted. Sadly, this is not the first lawsuit that Intuit has faced over TurboTax. Intuit reached a $6.55 million class action lawsuit settlement back in 2013 after the free TurboTax edition included exorbitantly high interest rates. This tax season, there have already been reports from consumers that claim fake accounts were made in their names using their stolen social security numbers, and subsequently fraudulent tax returns were filed in their names. Currently, the attorneys of Rhine Law Firm are investigating claims on behalf of those individuals whose personal information has been compromised due to the fraudulent filing of a tax return in their name. If you believe your personal information has been compromised, whether you were a customer of TurboTax or not, contact the attorneys of Rhine Law Firm today for a free case evaluation.

What parents need to know about a birth injury and negligence

Few things are more painful and devastating for North Carolina parents than to experience the loss of a child or to see their child in pain. When a birth injury occurs during labor and delivery, it is important for parents to get answers. Otherwise, they may be unable to move forward with their lives.

The problem is that birth injuries are not simple; they are actually very complex in nature. It is not always easy to distinguish whether the injury was due to a birth defect or a birth injury because, yes, there is a difference. The primary difference is that birth defects tend to occur prior to the actual birth, while birth injuries occur during the birth itself.

Distracted driving is dangerous, victims can hold drivers liable

States are starting to crack down more and more on distracted driving. However, even with the laws in place, it remains a serious problem. More often than not, distracted driving car accidents in North Carolina and across the country result in very serious, life-altering injuries. In some instances, these crashes can kill.

The most common form of distracted driving with which individuals seem to be familiar is talking or texting and driving. The majority of the states have implemented specific laws that ban this from occurring, especially in school zones. This has helped, but it hasn't remedied the issue completely.

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