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Compensation for a Construction Zone Accident

While any accident involving a commercial vehicle has a higher risk of causing major injuries, accidents in construction zones pose greater threats to people, whether caused by a passenger car or a semi-truck. The Wilmington construction zone accident lawyers at the Rhine Law Firm, P.C., vigorously represent North Carolina residents injured in catastrophic vehicle accidents.

It is critical to contact an attorney who understands how to defend you against powerful insurance companies after you or your family member has been hurt in a construction zone crash.

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The Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones are dangerous places for those who work within them and those who drive by them. Speeding is one of the most common causes of construction zone crashes. Construction zones typically have lower speed limits because workers are walking close to the road. When these limits are not respected, it can easily result in a crash, especially if there is debris on the road.

Just as construction zones have different speed limits, they also have different signage. Stop and slow signs are commonly used, detour signs may be posted, and other signage may be displayed showing that drivers need to merge. When these signs are ignored, it’s extremely dangerous for drivers, their passengers, and construction workers.

Everyone should always be focused on the road when they are behind the wheel. When driving through a construction zone, drivers need to be even more aware of what’s going on around them. When they are distracted by their smartphones, eating, or otherwise not paying attention to the road, they are likely to cause a crash.

The Federal Highway Administration notes that in 2015, on average:

  • A work zone crash occurred once every 5.4 minutes.
  • Every day, 70 work zone crashes occurred that resulted in at least one injury.
  • Every week, 12 work zone crashes occurred that resulted in at least one fatality.

The most serious injuries and fatalities among construction workers occurred due to:

  • Runovers/backovers (often by dump trucks): 48%. Nearly half of worker fatalities are caused when workers are run over or backed over by vehicles or mobile equipment.
  • Collision between vehicles/mobile equipment: 14%. The second most common cause of worker fatalities are collisions between vehicles or mobile equipment.
  • Caught in between/struck by construction equipment and objects: 14%. The third most common cause of construction zone fatalities are workers caught between or struck by construction equipment and objects.

Liability in a Construction Zone Crash

It can be difficult to determine liability after a construction zone collision, because many parties may be involved. It is not uncommon for one party to shift the blame so they are not held legally responsible for the accident. In some instances, commercial businesses such as trucking companies, insurance companies, and even the construction company will make false statements in their police report to try and deflect liability to another person or company.

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Powerful Legal Advocacy for the Seriously Injured in Wilmington

At the Rhine Law Firm, P.C., our Wilmington truck accident attorneys offer you decades of experience helping clients obtain full and just compensation for the damages caused by negligent drivers.

Construction zones are often the scene of car and truck accidents because drivers do not take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Over the years, we have assisted individuals and families who have suffered life-altering catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths of loved ones in construction zones.

When you consult with our team of experienced lawyers at the Rhine Law Firm, P.C., we will meet with you to learn about your accident and your injuries. We have the knowledge to thoroughly investigate your case and build a solid strategy, proving the cause of the accident resulted from a driver or company’s careless behavior.

We are determined to explore every avenue of recovery, including compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, and more. In some cases, municipalities, construction companies, and other contractors may be liable for your injuries, and we will find out.

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