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Wilmington Vehicle Rollover Lawyer

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Rollovers are some of the deadliest crashes possible. A rollover is when a vehicle tips or is knocked over at least one-quarter of a turn, ending up on its side or roof. In some cases, the occupants of the vehicle are ejected during the rollover, which greatly increases the chances of injury or death. While SUVs are more prone to rolling over, pickup trucks, vans, and passenger cars can all be involved in a rollover accident.

These types of accidents are not only deadly but complicated. While another driver may be responsible for causing the rollover, oftentimes the manufacturer can be held liable as well for the victim’s injuries. Going after big corporations to claim compensation is a job for tough Wilmington vehicle rollover accident attorneys, like the team at Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

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Common Causes of Vehicle Rollovers

There are a few main causes of rollovers. After a vehicle is hit, or when drivers swerve to avoid an obstacle, or simply due to poor road conditions, a vehicle can slide sideways and hit an object, such as a curb, that can trip the tire and cause the vehicle to roll over.

Taller vehicles such as SUVs and vans are more prone to rollovers due to their high center of gravity. Also, when defective tires blow out, drivers can lose control of their vehicles and that can cause a vehicle to roll over.

Liability in Rollover Accidents

Rollover crashes can cause an immense amount of damage and injury. Typically, the entire vehicle is a write-off, as most of the sides and sometimes the roof are severely damaged. Occupants in the vehicle can also sustain significant injuries.

Victims may be able to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for their losses, but before doing so, they must know who is to blame for the crash. If another vehicle hit the vehicle that ended up rolling over, and that driver was 100% to blame for the crash, he or she may be found liable for all the victims’ bills. Manufacturers can also be held liable in vehicle rollover crashes.

If defective tires caused the rollover, or if the roofs couldn’t withstand the forces of the accident, the manufacturer of the faulty part may be to blame. In 2013, new standards were set for vehicles’ roofs. While only a few pre-2013 models have a stronger roof, all manufacturers were instructed to have the stronger roofs on their vehicles by 2017. If manufacturers do not have the required roofs on their vehicles, they can be held liable.

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Being involved in a collision of any kind can be upsetting, and rollover crashes can be particularly traumatic. Loved ones may be lost, and the injuries and damages sustained can be severe. Accident victims can file a lawsuit to receive compensation for those damages, but going up against big manufacturers alone can be intimidating and time-consuming. At Rhine Law Firm, P.C., we can help. We know how to investigate who is responsible for a crash and hold them responsible.

If you have been injured in a rollover, call us today at (910) 501-2474. We will review your case and work hard to get you any compensation you may be entitled to.